Sale Today at Dreamstime- A Great Place To Get Images

As a business owner who blogs, I’m always looking for things to use on my site that will enhance it. Images are super important and we all use them–or we should! I absolutely LOVE Dreamstime! They have high-quality images and plenty of stuff that you can use for free.

Your Lucky Day
Your Lucky Day!

I’m bringing this up now because they’re hosting a huge sale today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone who signs up using my link here will receive 20% off their purchases today! How cool is that? Just wanted to share a bit o’ the Irish luck with you today:)

Please note: This sale was only valid for March 18, 2012 and has now expired.

2 thoughts on “Sale Today at Dreamstime- A Great Place To Get Images”

  1. You mean those images on Google images are not always free? What’s the penalty? I thought if you could cut and paste them it was free game; apparently not, huh?

    Thanks for sharing; I would like to play but my wife doesn’t let me buy anything on the internet……..:(. Oh well……

    1. Hey Bill,

      No, not all of those images out there are guaranteed royalty free. You don’t want someone to come back and get you for using their stuff without giving them credit;) That’s why I even like the free images offered by Dreamstime. They are very clear about what images you can use royalty free. Thanks for commenting!

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