Never Give Up

As I check forums and read blogs trying to make connections with friends, colleagues and potential clients I can’t help but notice the frustration I see out there from new business owners. People are worried. They’re worried that they won’t get enough clients. They’re worried that they’re not doing the whole social media thing right. They’re worried that they won’t make enough money doing what they love to do.

Never give up on your business
Hang In There

I have to tell you that I felt all of these things myself. I was new at all of this not long ago. I just want to remind you that you have to believe in yourself, work hard and by all means–DO NOT GIVE UP! I’m not saying that any of this is easy. In fact, if you’re offered some opportunity to make tons of money overnight that will just flow in without you lifting a finger you should REALLY take some time to consider the chances of that happening.

What I AM saying is that all of the hard work is worth it. Who’s to tell you that you can’t make money doing something you love? If you’re an artist and that’s your passion, then set up a website and offer your services to people like Barbi Williams did. Do something–don’t give up on yourself or your dreams. You might fail a couple of times. You will make mistakes. The road might be long but you’ll have a great story to tell!

Write down what you really want and then work toward it. There will be twists and turns and you may even change direction on the path but that’s okay. As our lives change it’s only natural that our businesses will change as well. Just be true to yourself.

If you’re still stuck on the questions in the first paragraph I’ll give you some tips to help you along. If you’re stuck on the “how to make connections and lasting relationships” part¬† or need a coach to help you, visit Carol Deckert’s Facebook page for Contacts to Connections. If you’re overwhelmed and social media is making your head spin, visit Ken Mueller’s Inkling Media blog. If you need to stay focused and keep putting one foot in front of the other towards business success then visit Kaarina Dillabough‘s Decide2Do site. All of these people have helped me along my path in unique ways. I know they can do the same for you.

However, in the end, it comes down to you. No one else can do it for you. There is no magic way to be a successful business owner. How badly do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it? What is your motivation? What will it look like when you get “there?” It IS possible to be successful. Never give up.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. I’d also love to see you over on my Facebook page and continue the discussion there!

5 thoughts on “Never Give Up”

  1. Thanks so much Alicia, for the lovely tip of the hat. I’m honoured and grateful:)You’ve hit the nail on the head when you said: “in the end, it comes down to you. No one else can do it for you. There is no magic way…”

    Until you roll up your sleeves, face your fears, embrace challenge and DO, nothing happens. Fly, flop, fail, forge on and learn from your mistakes. Every day you will improve and take another step closer to your goals and dreams. Cheers! Kaarina

    1. Kaarina, you deserve it! Always something good over at your place even if I can’t comment as often as I’d like! I really loved your last sentiment here..”Fly, flop, fail, forge on and learn from your mistakes. Every day you will improve and take another step closer to your goals and dreams.” Just perfect! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Uh, Ken’s place makes my head spin….he posts as much as @TheJackB; he’s one prolific social media dude. He covers it about as well as Gini.

    Good advice; anything worth doing is worth putting the time and effort into it to make it happen. I do some who expect instant gratification and throw in the towel much too early.

    Until I win the lottery, I’m guessing I will probably have to work for my wages; especially since I don’t buy lottery tickets, huh?

    Good to see you at Gini’s; thanks so much.

    1. Hey Bill!

      Yeah, I can never keep up with Ken. Although it’s nice to know that if I need to figure something out that is social media related I can always go over there and snoop around his site.

      You and me both on the lottery thing. People keep telling me that, too. You gotta play to win! I was happy to stop by Gini’s and see you there! I really did love that post:) Glad you came by here today!

  3. At some point in the various journeys we embark on in our lives, we get to a part where we feel like giving up. Sometimes we give up before we even start and other times we give up just before we are about to make that huge break-through that we have been putting so much effort in to achieve.

    I have created this list of 22 reasons why you should never give up and I hope that you will find it before you give up, so that I can inspire you to keep going!

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