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Want to make money online with a service-based business but not sure where to start?

Are you a Virtual Assistant looking to add to your skillset in order to increase your customer base?

Are you considering a career in general transcription?

Are you wondering where you can learn the skills required to make these things happen?

I can help!

Get the Skills and Training you Need to:

Start Your General Transcription Business


Add Transcription to your Virtual Assistant Services!


What the General Transcription Bootcamp Self- Study Program Offers:

    • A clear explanation of the concept of general transcription
    • Information, tools and software needed for transcription
    • Guidelines and instruction on how to create transcripts your clients will love
    • Practice audio files to help you prepare along with the completed transcripts to check your work

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General Transcription Bootcamp Live Course

Alicia Jay General Transcription BootcampI’m Alicia Jay, the creator of this program. When I started out my online career as a general transcriptionist I definitely struggled. I found information on how to start your online business, how to create your website and how to market. But I didn’t find anything that taught the basic skills needed for general transcription.

It took time, but I learned what general transcription clients want and need from their transcripts. I learned on my own by trial and error. Each time I sent a transcript to a client and they sent me back corrections, I studied them and made notes. As my business grew, I trained others using all of the knowledge and skills that I collected.

I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned so that YOU can experience the freedom of working from home. That’s how the General Transcription Bootcamp was born! I do run a live version of this course twice a year, but I also wanted to offer this self-study version at a significant savings so that you could benefit price-wise and time-wise! You can work on this course at your own pace and learn the skills you need for general transcription!


The General Transcription Bootcamp Self-Study Program ebook contains 13 meaty chapters including:

  • List of essentials that you will need to begin transcribing
  • Definition and discussion of “cleaned up” transcripts within the context of general transcription
  • Transcript formatting along with FREE templates that  I use with my clients
  • Transcription guidelines that cover all of the rules of grammar, punctuation and how to handle different situations you may encounter while typing audio. This is your Transcription bible!
  • The FREE software you will need to download and play back audio file.
  • Advice on how to use the software as well as tutorial link
  • How to make use of timestamps (what to do if you don’t know what someone is saying or if there is an audio glitch)
  • Sample audio file and transcript with directions on how to load the audio into the free software for playback
  • Three audio test files with instructions, templates for transcription and the completed transcript to use as a key in your studies
  • Discussion on next steps to take after the course to help you succeed with a general transcription career

So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy of the General Transcription Bootcamp Self-Study Program today

and start on your path to a true work-at-home career!

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fileconversionFile Download and Conversion Secrets for Transcription Freelancers. When you order the Bootcamp Program, you will learn all you need to know about transcribing audio files for clients. But what if they don’t give you an actual audio file? What if they give you a video file? What if they just have a video on a web page and that’s what they want you to work from? How do you extract those files and turn it into audio that you can use to transcribe? That is all explained in this free bonus report!

Wait! Would you prefer one-on-one time with me and the support of your peers as you move through this course? Then sign up for the live version of Bootcamp by clicking this link now:

General Transcription Bootcamp Live Course

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