To Promote Or Not To Promote?

Today’s post will be very brief. I’m looking for your opinions/thoughts/suggestions. I have seen many bloggers recently create a networking page on their site.


Business promotion
Hello world!

This is a chance for other bloggers and business owners to promote themselves by leaving information about their business and links to their blog or social media sites.

I myself have left my information on several of these sites. As of yet, I have not met any new contacts, associates or clients in this way. However, I love this concept of sharing information. After all, we are a blogging community.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you find it beneficial? If you do, why? If you don’t, why? Please share in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “To Promote Or Not To Promote?”

  1. I might not be the one to ask because I’m typically hanging around just for the blog. However, if it is increasing awareness and allowing you to meet others then what is the downside?

    I say run with it and see what happens.

    Hope you are enjoying your 4th and all else is well.

    1. Hey Bill!
      Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate you weighing in.
      I am thinking of adding one of these pages and was hoping to get a discussion going regarding the benefits (or lack thereof). Hope you’re enjoying your weekend:)

  2. I feel it is beneficial but for the blog owner and not for the one who drops his contacts, although it is sugar coated to make it appear otherwise. The promote page basically works on blogger psychology (I was going to say human psychology but humans and bloggers are different right ? 😉 ) of being self obsessed with their blog, and wanting to drop their URL at the slightest sight of an empty URL slot on any site. That is it, make an attractive promote page, put bold typographic and strong call to action and you can be diverting them to anything from your affiliate product page to your own service page testimonials or your squeeze page and make it work for YOU at the same time making it look like you are promoting them. Considering that a promote page has near 100% conversion rate and then a well crafted squeeze page can have upto 25% optin rate you will be harvesting 250 email leads every day with a traffic of just 1000 hits a day!

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