Winning! (Why Blogging Isn’t So Scary)


Okay, I couldn’t help but quote the currently popular Charlie Sheen. What did I win, you ask? Well, it wasn’t millions of dollars during my recent trip to Las Vegas! It was an opportunity to have my business featured on a really great blog.

If you haven’t heard of Brankica Underwood and her Live Your Love blog, you are missing out my friend! Take a moment to check out her site. She teaches you how to “blog like a rock star” by providing tips, reviews and tutorials.

She has even provided information for new bloggers on topics such as keywords and branding your business. I really enjoy her product reviews. It’s always nice to get an opinion from someone who already tried the product. There’s loads of free information on her website.

So, back to my winnings! She gave everyone who signed up for her newsletter the opportunity to win a featured post on her site. I was one of those lucky winners. Click here to see what she had to say about lil’ old me. I just wanted to take this moment to thank her for the opportunity and make sure that my friends and associates are aware of this great resource.

I also wanted to make a point here that relationships CAN be built with social media and blogging. While I’m good at what I do for a living, last year I was a newbie blogger. I decided to connect with some people that know a thing or two about it. I found Brankica on Twitter and have continued to follow her for her wit, charm and useful information.

I have found that jumping out of your comfort zone and trying something new can be very rewarding. Blogging was a bit difficult at first but I began a process that works for me. I learn what I can and then implement it on my blog. Then, I learn a little more and implement that as well.

You may be missing some opportunities if your plan is to research and learn everything you can before starting your blog. Things change in social media so often that you may never find the “right time” to jump in.

So, give it a try! It doesn’t matter if your bread and butter is transcription or dog walking. The people checking out your blog have the potential to become frequent visitors, commenters and even some of your best clients. So, get out there, start blogging and meet someone new!

5 thoughts on “Winning! (Why Blogging Isn’t So Scary)”

  1. Hey Alicia, thanks so much for mentioning me. I really like to provide little prizes for my newsletter subscribers to show how much I appreciate them giving away their e-mail address to me.

    I am glad you were one of the winners, cause I really love communicating with you. Hope to keep you around for a long time 🙂

  2. Ah, Ms Underwood; she was so afraid I was going to win her contest………I had her sweating……:)

    I hear you Alicia, Brankica is the best. She has tried to help me in every way possible; now she is looking for me in her cross hairs. I just don’t move fast sometimes.

    I did come to your post on her recommendation and thought I had commented…..apparently not, huh?

    It’s good to see you and as soon as I can get back on twitter I will follow you back; thanks for taking the time to follow me.

    Good to see you and I’ll be back.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes, that Brankica is something else! I feel sorry for you if you’re in her cross hairs. I hear she’s a pretty good shot;)
      Thanks so much for the visit. I look forward to chatting on Twitter!

    1. Ha ha! Sorry, Bill! I have been working on some projects that kind of overwhelmed me. I need to write some new posts and hop on over to other people’s blogs again. I know–excuses, excuses. Just do it, right? 🙂

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