Why Your Business Needs Refrigerator Art

Refrigerator Art for Business
Fridge Art

We all have it. A great family photo. A picture of your kid making a silly face. The brochure for what will soon be your next vacation spot. Your child’s report card or finger painting. These items are affectionately known as “refrigerator art.” We hang them up on the fridge for all to see.

Why do we do it?

The people in the photos are the ones who inspire us. Looking at them reminds us what life if all about. They make us smile. The vacation brochure (or the picture of ourselves 20 lbs. lighter) helps us to keep pushing towards our goal. That might mean working extra hours this month (or eating the apple on the top shelf instead of the cheesecake on the next shelf), but looking at the happy people and tranquil waters on the brochure reminds us that it will be worth it. The report card and essay paper are proud accomplishments. Even if they are few and far between, you know you’re going to hang up that “A” in English. We want everyone to know that we’re proud parents of smart kids!

Why not do the same for your business?

We can use these concepts in our business plan, tag line or sales information. They can help to propel you forward. Keep them in the forefront to really showcase your business. What/who inspired you to do this in the first place? What motivates you to keep moving? What are your goals? What are your accomplishments? Take a minute to answer these questions and create a bit of refrigerator art for yourself.

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4 thoughts on “Why Your Business Needs Refrigerator Art”

    1. Hi Leo!

      Thanks so much for the visit! I love your reminder pic, too. Sometimes it’s best to have something tangible to look at so that we don’t forget. I’m also excited about your new Buffer app:)

  1. Great blog post Alicia. It’s nice to see how we all do it different. I have a vision board. It’s nice to look at on days I don’t feel motivated. You know how it can be working at home with all of the things we could let pull on our time. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Kim!

      I agree that it’s interesting to see how people do it differently. As long as we’re doing something to motivate us and remind us of our goals, that’s what’s important. Thanks so much for your comment and visit!

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