Make March Marvelous Transcription Promotion

Make March Marvelous Promotion

Thanks for visiting from Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistance Make March Marvelous Promotion! You are here because you’d like to take advantage of my offer for discounted general transcription services.

Just a reminder that this special is for 30% off one “cleaned-up” transcript.

What does that mean and how does this work?

1. Your transcript will not be written verbatim. I will remove instances of “um, uh, ya know”, clean up grammar and remove half-finished thoughts without losing the meaning of your awesome content or your personality. That’s what I specialize in. You can see what my clients have to say about my work here:

2. Payment is due at time of order.
3. Your percentage discount will be taken off my base prices:

  • 1-2 speakers = $1.15 per audio minute
  • 3-4 speakers = $1.25 per audio minute

What to do Next

If you’re ready to take advantage of your 30% transcription discount, I’ll just need some information about you and your business. Then I’ll contact you about details such as time frame, how we will share files and a price quote.

In order to get started with your project, please fill out the form below and I will contact you via email as soon as possible:

Thanks again for visiting from Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistance!